Are you a front-end ninja?


We need you!

Why work with us?

We work with a large range of clients, particularly with a Charity/not-for-profit, Environmental, or Education angle. We love complex data challenges, and open source, and as such, Drupal is our tool of choice for most jobs.

We place a lot of weight on individual freedoms, the health and mental health of the team, and creating an environment that allows us to all be ourselves while getting things done!

We use open-source whenever we can. We believe in supporting and contributing to open-source platforms and development communities and have been running the Wellington Drupal and CSS meetups for years now.

Here's where you come in

We're after a Junior developer, problem solver and all-around good person who would like to work with us in Melbourne on a full-time or part-time basis, starting from around 10-20 hours per week, with room for growth. You can be an employee or an independent contractor. We're open to various arrangements to suit our needs and yours.

You are your own person and want to make a positive impact on the world in some way.

You are the one (or maybe two) if
  • HTML / CSS / SASS / JS / jQuery
  • Experience with CMS (Drupal, WordPress, Squarespace, etc)
  • Workflow and build tools such as git & gulp
You get bonus points if
  • You enjoy playing Katamari Damacy
  • You have other non-web-based artistic or tech hobbyist talents
  • Other people can understand your code just by reading the comments
More about how we work

Most of us work in Wellington NZ, in a central, cosy office environment in a space full of plants and good times. Sometimes we work from home, and we currently have one of the company founders working in Melbourne Australia, it's for our Melbourne office that we are currently looking to hire.

We like to use "the best tool for the job" and these are a few of the things we use now:

  • We communicate with, Slack, Email, Google Meet, Phone and sometimes even face to face.
  • We use Git for version control.
  • We host most of our sites with Pantheon and Acquia.
  • We use Toggl, Trello, and Jira for time and project tracking.
  • We use Google Apps (Sheets, Docs, Drive, Mail) for day-to-day business documentation.
  • We use Airtable for CRM and process tracking.

We meet each other in person to work on big tasks or get started on large projects (We like each other, so this part is fun). We will do that with you too to get everyone up to speed quickly.

We support our team in their professional development and love to attend conferences and events.

Get in touch

If this is sounding like your cup of tea, please get in touch!