App Development

We are app developers working with iOS, Android, and cross-platform development approaches. The frameworks we like to work with include:

  • Google Firebase
  • React Native
  • Swift code
  • JavaScript / typescript

We handle small, simple apps to big hairy monsters. Let us make it easy for you.

Our process centers around no-nonsense project management, usability principles, and business goals.

Strengths of our app development department include:

  • Thorough creative process to determine the right look / feel
  • Business analysis to determine the best way of going about the app project
  • API friendly / can integrate with other software
  • Headless - the content can be powered by a web framework such as Drupal
  • Cross platform development approach for iOS and Android
  • Our app developers are passionate about emerging technology and staying up to scratch

Xequals are here to realise your digital vision, no matter how ambitious or simple your needs are. We apply industry-standard methodologies and approaches to your App project to ensure it is robust, stable, centred around usability principles and capable of fulfilling your business goals. We are a custom code and graphics shop with extensive partnerships in a vast array of programming fields staffed by professionals in Melbourne, wider Australia and beyond. Our Agile outfit comprises project managers who specialise in IT development and software design in many technical fields. We handle small, simple Apps to big hairy monsters. Let us make it easy for you.

We develop Apps for modern technology and platform availability. Reactive design concepts, responsive visual themes, and platform compatibility are all terms we live and breathe by. Working with a developer on your vision for a software product is a big leap of trust, and one that requires confidence, backup and assurance. Pick developers who have the technical competence and will also go the extra mile with you to develop a solid application design every time. Client satisfaction is the core of what drives us. We recommend you become familiar with the Xequals experience.

Making coherent programs that conform to the latest web standards and accessibility criteria is not always the focus of App designers. Xequals offers you high-quality, professionally trained coders who can take on any custom App or software project. We are flexible and scale-able, from small high-efficiency coding crews to large outsourced operations involving many developers. Xequals is your custom code shop for responsive action and results. Come and see us today so we can show you more and hear about your ideas.