Game Development

Xequals has a strategic vision to one day be a leading force in Australia's game development. We are seriously passionate about making things fun and using emergent technologies. As such, WE WOULD LOVE TO BUILD YOUR GAME! No matter the size, the purpose, or the motivation, we are the game developers you want to use.

'Gamification' and 'Advergaming' are terms you may have heard thrown around a lot. They reflect a 21st Century reality - modern consumer audiences want to be stimulated, engaged, and brought into the world of your product. One of the best ways to achieve this is to create a game world that can carry your brand, allowing your customers to create their own stories around how they perceive your products. Xequals has experience conceptualising and developing these sorts of experiences.

Building games is about so much more than technical capability (though it is a pre-requisite). It is about coming up with ideas for user interactions that are fun, that are meaningful - challenging and prompting a user to be intrigued. These days games can mean anything from simple board games to augmented reality 3D games. Xequals is a company with the ability and insight to work with almost any game requirement - from 2D to 3D, traditional gaming to entirely new, pioneering spaces.

Our game development team can provide you with all the expertise you need. We have years of experience - and are extremely hungry in this space. So don't just keep "thinking about it", it's time to make that game, for real!