Training & Consultancy

Xequals provides a professional consultancy on most of the services that we offer. For example, we provide:


  • CMS architecture research and consultancy
  • Business analysis for web consulting
  • Multimedia / digital product development consultancy
  • Agile methodology consulting

We train in Drupal, CSS, and general web design and provide an HR supply service

Xequals has been pro-actively developing a name in Melbourne, Australia, and New Zealand for providing high-quality professional training services in a range of I.T, web and design fields. If you'd like to build an ongoing relationship with a company that helps you at times of skill shortage/ training requirements, talk to us today. You'll leave with the confidence of knowing you'll always be working with reputed professionals who come from an established, trusted, and technically brilliant HR supply company.

Power-boost your internal skills

If you're in the market for a talented trainer - in graphic design, web development, Drupal, CSS coding or another specialty web / I.T / design skill - then we could be the providers for you. In-house we have access to an incredible array of skills, and within our larger community of designers and developers, we have trainers in a wide range of visual design skills, multimedia production and programming languages and can problem-solve many HR use-cases involving technology. Whether you require trainers to step in and up-skill members of your internal team or bring one of our people in temporarily as a contractor to fill a staff shortage, we will be here to help.

Tailored training experiences

Tired of training companies inviting you to 'learning seminars' or 'training sessions' where they reproduce the same content every day, dispassionately and without concern for your specific learning needs? Xequals has a company culture of progressive education practice, and we believe strongly in customising every learning experience to the individual. One size does not fit all. So if you're looking for a trainer in one of our fields of expertise, talk to us about how we can structure something unique and effective for the people you need to be trained. We can do team sessions, one-on-one, and remote training. Whatever the scenario, you're guaranteed to get a talented professional who can guide a solid learning session and be flexible to your needs on the ground.

Water the grass and it will grow

Your organisation, your staff, and your stakeholders all deserve high-quality professionals. Xequals can help you achieve this within your I.T or web team through targeted, specialised learning sessions for the areas of expertise your organisation demands. Whether providing staff through Xequals HR placement or giving old employees a new set of skills, we are positioned to work closely with you on a custom solution that will meet your needs. Organisations can prosper, or fail through the quality of their people and the quality of their skills. Invest in the best possible resource you ever could - humans - by hiring us to provide your training services.