Small Business Websites

One tried and true service Xequals has provided since Day One is the website for the small business. We’ve made plenty of awesome websites for small businesses - from cafes and builders to consultants, youth groups, start-ups, local government initiatives, technology shops, and dozens of other comparatively small web projects.

With an eye on our own local community, we want to provide succinct, engaging, affordable and secure websites for small businesses. If you need one then you need to talk to our Small Business Unit. The SBU as it’s affectionately known has been set up to strategically continue servicing existing and new clients that need professional web development for their small businesses or non-profit organisation.

We get small business - given that we started as one - and get a real kick out of being able to provide this value back to the community. Our sites are designed with a long-term technology strategy in mind, are totally content editable by the client, and critically are also affordable and easy to update and maintain over the years. We work closely with small organisations as part of their internal team to really get to the heart of what their web presence needs to be.

If you’re looking for a fun, friendly, and healthy long-term web relationship for your business or organisation, definitely make sure you get a proposal off of us to discover first-hand what separates us from other agencies and why we’re an excellent choice for your next web project.