eLearning and LMS platforms are all the rage - now and forever. Digital learning experiences are here to stay, and will only become more ubiquitous, important, and sophisticated as the world embraces online learning.

We do more than just deploy LMS solutions - we customise them to be specific to large organisational needs. Typical proprietary LMS solutions can be extremely cumbersome, built on outdated tech, expensive (especially when they need large user bases) and almost impossible to customise towards your needs. Our learning management platforms are pieced together using Open Source approaches and tools, meaning there are no licensing fees, no insane annual costs, and are innately tailored to your needs.

The tools we are based on the Drupal CMS, meaning they are:

  • Able to be run as Software-as-a-Service platforms
  • Able to be hosted in a Cloud web host infrastructure, with a CDN (Content Distribution Network) sitting on top
  • Completely open-source // no licensing fees
  • Entirely customisable and configurable
  • Built on top of a Content Management System framework
  • Sustainable long-term from a technology strategy point of view
  • Supported by an enormous amount of opensource developers globally who contribute to the Drupal project (at least 100,000 developers))
  • Part of a highly supported community of technical stakeholders all around the world

Features that we've built into our LMS solutions in the past have included:

  • SCORM format learning and content importing
  • Accreditation framework for employees built into the learning model
  • Different kinds of users, with different roles/permissions, access to features and custom user workflows
  • Customised learning environments

We actively support clients on the following open source eLearning platforms:

  • Opigno 3.x (Drupal 9 version)
  • Moodle

Most notably, our LMS project for Spark, named 'Ako' (Te Reo Māori for 'Learn'), has demonstrated how an open-source, customised eLearning platform can be implemented for a very large organisation with complicated learning management needs. It is a big success story in the world of eLearning and one we can replicate for other large entities that want all the reliability and sustainability of an off-the-shelf platform, but with all the benefits and flexibility of owning an in-house product.

This case study, "How I built the Netflix of Learning", written by the Spark product owner at the time, gives detailed information on the innovative approach we took together on this project.