Drupal 9

Xequals has positioned itself as a market leader in Drupal 9 readiness and adoption. We are hugely excited by this new paradigm shift in web design and welcome its fresh, sophisticated approach to advanced web building and content management technologies.

The world's premier open-source content management system has a brand new release with two hundred D9-new features from over three thousand core contributors. Drupal 9 makes it even easier to use the popular CMS to create, edit and deploy your content online.

Everything is even simpler and more straightforward with Drupal 9. Easily customisable data structures, a super flexible internal API, and a ‘headless’ database all make Drupal one of the most capable modern web technologies for building websites that can integrate with other applications - such as apps, games, other IT systems, you name it.

Drupal 9’s user interface is more accessible and comprehensible to non-technical users than any previous release. Migrating earlier versions' content, editing new content and more powerful modules and themes make every aspect of Drupal 9 more intuitive and functional for all skill levels. D9 is totally appropriate to use for small business websites as well as massive, complicated web systems.

And who is in the best position to maximise these new features and benefits of the world’s best CMS? Xequals is. Having been a hardcore Drupal shop since the days of Drupal 5 we have grown up alongside Drupal and are excited about availing you with our years of experience. If you are either considering migrating from an earlier version or want to change your site over to a Drupal framework then contact Xequals. There has never been a better time than right now.