Custom multimedia

At Xequals we are pleased to be able to offer our clients a complete digital production service, covering most aspects of modern design and development technologies. This is the heart of our brand 'Code & Creative' - working with the well-established elements of being a digital agency coupled with the frontier of where it's heading.

As an example of our range in multimedia, we can offer a digital video production pipeline. From conception and pre-production, even casting if necessary, through audio-visual production to comprehensive post-production including visual effects and colour-grading. This can be extended to include interactive visuals and displays for performing arts, exhibitions, interaction design and creative marketing. We also provide 3D design services, animation, audio production, software and app development. This means that regardless of what you're trying to achieve, it's likely we are the Swiss-army knife you need to approach it with a holistic perspective.

While our photography and video work could be an integral part of your next advertising campaign you could also expand into more custom solutions. Alongside our industry-experienced staff, you could consider integrating 3D modelling, CGI, green screen and compositing.

With our multidisciplinary team behind us, Xequals is confident that we can provide you with a unique and custom multimedia solution for the hard copy, the online world or on television. Services include: